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• 11/27/2017

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• 10/29/2016

Streamlining the Wiki

i was thinking that maybe we could cut down on some of the templates deemed redundant, maybe even reducing the amount of Wiki portals (seeing as though we have the navigation boxes). Any suggestions or recommendations?
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• 9/17/2016

AITD 1-3 model viewer

I'm the author of AITD room viewer tool . Among various things, it allows to view all 3D models used in AITD trilogy.
I have done by best to make the rendering faithfull to the original game.
I think this might be helpful for this wikia. As a example, I have started to replace the screenshots of some models of this wikia (see my recent edits). Feel free to use my tool to replace the other ones
Also : if needed i can provide the full text content of each book of the game.
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• 6/2/2016

The French Connection

I decided to create a Alone in the Dark Wiki in french, seeing as though I believe that the various comics were written in the French language (forgive me if I'm wrong). It is important to note that i scarecly know French (like picking up the basic words from the Madeline series when i was young, lol) and unfortunately i have used Bing to translate some of the articles onto that site. Anyone who has knowledge of the French language is more than welcome to contribute to and even become the leader of the French Alone in the Dark Wiki.
Forgot to link:
At the bottom of the main page is a french flag icon which will take you to it.
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• 5/7/2016

Two announcements

I have two announcements: One is that I am going to leave the achievement badge system (from names to images) i want to leave it to someone else. Its's a bit too comlicateed for me. The Second is that the Navigation templates have been made (not 100% completed, but still adequate). The task for everyone is to insert the Navbox of the appropriate game to its suited article
Also: each of the Navboxes has an inbuilt link that enables you to edit the Navigation template, so you can add and modify the stuff inside it.
Just insert :
Volunteers are more than welcome
it is a fine way to achieve badges and rank up in terms of said achievements =D
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• 4/23/2016

Other language Wikis

I think it would be best to link our wiki with those in different languages, so far there is an Italian, Portuguese and Espaniol of the Alone in the Dark Wiki currently. What needs to be done is to map each of our articles with the other languages counterparts (or at least as best as you can). The other language Wikis can be found on the main page at the bottom.
To link the article with its counterparts look at the bottom of main page. For an example of linking each page to its other language counterpart, Here is an example: Look at Edward Carnby article. When in edit mode, this should be at the bottom pof the page

[[es:Edward Carnby]]
[[it:Edward Carnby]]
[[pt:Edward Carnby]]

Just look for the equivelent articles (you can just simply google translate to help or something like that and insert it after the colon ':'.)

Another good thing about it is that it gives everyone an opportunity to share and collate information, which would have been limited if we aal worked on the Wikia separately.
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• 4/15/2016

Wiki Badge suggestions

I was wondering, what sort of badges should i create for the Wiki Users, e.g. badges for stuff such as items, locations, or do i do a group of badges for each game? What is your opinion on the matter
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• 4/15/2016

Creating separate articles for the stuff in the Movie continuity

Like in the Portuguese language version of the Alone in the Dark Wiki, they seemed to have created a seperate article for the movie iteration (even though they are separate). A good point would be that it would reduce the amount of words on the article Sclera1 (talk)
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