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You may be looking for one of the items in the video game, which the film was based off.

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Abkani artefacts (Film version) were objects that were left by the mysterious Abkanis who fought against the Xenos. A few artefacts remained of this civiliztion and were hidden, presumabky by them, in the world's most remote places (burid at the ends of the earth). The artefacts speak of terrifying creaures that thrived in darkness. They were the key to opening an ancient gateway from where the Xeno creatures originated.

One of the first artfacts found, and led to the discovery of this civilization, was found by workers in a mine in 1967. Bureea 317, under the direction of the archaeologist, Lionel Hudgins, began searching for and collecting these mysterious artefacts.

List of Artefact locations[]

  • Chile (found by Carnby?)
  • Antartica
  • Venezuela
  • New ....


  • It is unknown if the Golden Coffin found at sea was of Abkani origin.