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The Abkanis figurines are items found by Aline Cedrac and Edward Carnby in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

The New Nightmare[]

These are seven Indian statuettes depicting the Abkanis gods in animal form. At least four of these were found by Richard Morton in the depths of Shadow Island . Some were hidden by his grandson Jeremy while others by Judas De Certo to prevent Joseph Edenshaw from completing a ritual to cast out the creatures of darkness , one was left to Alan Morton by his grandfather.

  • Edward will recover that of Anticoalt, depicting a bison, from the niche in the accessible library using the statue of an equilibrist .
  • Hemicles's, depicting a bull, is recovered by Edward by completing the Abkanis ritual at the stone circle on the moor
  • The statuette of Ouphenos, depicting a bear, is hidden inside a stone sculpture in the Morton greenhouse that Edward must push to the ground in order to break it.
  • Aline will recover an identical statue of Anticoalt in the secret room behind the mirror where she will confront De Certo .
  • The statuette of Gilamesh, representing a snake, is found by Aline in the fort , solving the enigma of the planetarium along with the seal of Obed Morton and two keys.
  • eliopaner's one, depicting a fish, is obtained by Aline along with the Abkanis energy stone using the stone disc on the Indian totem outside the fort.
  • The last one, depicting an eagle representing Hecatonchires, is always taken by Aline in the world of darkness , near a cliff into which Obed Morton dived, dragging his brother Alan .


  • Both in the Carnby game and in that of Aline the bison statue of Anticoalt will be collected: evidently due to a development error it has been substituted for the statuette depicting a horse of the god Melacanth, however the model of this is still present in the game.
    • Curiously, once Edward Carnby enters the world of darkness, he will have the Anticoalt figurine in his inventory.
  • A removed dialogue explains why Aline and Carnby split up again after Alan lost the last statuette.
  • The name of the god Hecatonchires refer to Hecatonchires (or Centimani ) of Greek mythology, while the Gilamesh recalls Gilgamesh, a hero (or deities according to other sources) ancient Orient.