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Alone in the Dark
Alone dark.jpg
Developer Eden Games
Publisher Atari
Released 2013 (Cancelled)
Genre Survival Horror
Modes Single Player
Ports PC
XBox 360

Alone in the Dark (Remake) is a cancelled game of the Alone in the Dark franchise. It was originally intended to be a remake of the original Alone in the Dark (1992).

Parent company Atari suffered a number of market failures towards the end of Eden Studios' business run, and was forced to lay off a large portion of the staff in 2011 following the release of the team's final game.

The company was kept alive all the way until 2013, when it was finally liquidated, resulting in the immediate cancellation of the game.


The game would have had the same theme as the first title, with a much more creepy atmosphere and setting, better and much more realistic graphics, new puzzles, weapons and enemies.

It would bring the same gameplay of using menus to interact with certain objects from the first game, but in a much more realistic way; and also a more immersive experience with quick-time events.

The game should have been an upgraded remake of the first Alone in the Dark. The little existing material (developed only for Atari's internal promotion, so still primordial) suggests that there were some differences from the original title, developers said that in their intentions there was the idea of ​​changing some puzzles and concentrating especially on light effects and management. The remake would inherit the game models of Alone in the Dark: Inferno, appropriately modified, but the gameplay would remain true to original production, with the addition of some quick-time events , including the adventure as Emily Hartwood .

Differences and Similarities to the original[]

The Nightguants from the original game were replaced by statues of Deep Ones. The route was also blocked by a harmful black mist.