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You may be referring to the comic prequel of The New Nightmare, "Life is a Hideous Thing".

Alone in the Dark is a French comic book published by Vents d'Ouest. Based on the video-game Alone in the Dark 3 written by Hubert Chardot and E. Carnby, and illustrated by Suerte, Alone in the Dark follows Edward Carnby Junior, a private investigator hired to find a film crew and his friend, Emily Hartwood, who have gone missing under strange circumstances during a film shooting in Slaughter Gulch, a ghost town in Nevada, and uncover an evil plot within the town.


*NOTE: Although it is based on Alone in the Dark 3, the comic book is non-canon to the game's continuity, as its plot and characters are contradicted by the main series in key parts.

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  • The story in the comic book is the first in the series to introduce the use of light to hurt monsters, a concept mostly associated with The New Nightmare.