Alone in the Dark II
Directed by Uwe Boll
Ari Taub
produced by Michael Roesch
Peter Scheerer
Written by Michael Roesch
Peter Scheerer


Alone in the Dark II
is a 2008 horror film, starring Rick Yune, Lance Henriksen, Bill Moseley, Rachel Specter and Danny Trejo, directed by Peter Scheerer and Michael Roesch. It is a sequel to Uwe Boll's 2005 film Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the Dark II was filmed in New York City and Los Angeles. It is loosely based on the Atari Alone in the Dark video game series.


Former witch-hunter Abner Lundberg (Lance Henriksen) is forced to come back to fight his old nemesis, a century-old dangerous witch out on the prowl again. This time, Lundberg joins forces with Edward Carnby (Rick Yune), who attempt to track down the dangerous witch Elisabeth Dexter (Allison Lange).


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In a public toilet, a coke-head, Xavier is preening himself in front of the mirror with his radio/stereo on the basin. hearing someone, he turns off his stereo, he hides inside a cubical with the closing the door. Outside the cubicle, The entrance slams open, with both man and a woman, carrying an older wounded male enters the toilets. The younger man also brandishing a pistol After placing the wounded man in a corner. The lady then places a bag in the basin, while the young man wields a shotgun and checks the cubicles, one by one. he reaches the second lastcubicle, which is next to where the kid is hiding. He then moves away and faces the woman, saying "She is not getting the blade tonight". Suddenly, the sound of a storm comes out of nowehere, the man opens a folded piece of leather, containing a dagger. The woman, looking at a handheld device, says, "She is getting closer." Wincing in pain, the wounded man yells "burn it, nothing must remain"

3 days later, in a busy city, a man in a hood calls his mobile phone, he discovers the person he was calling, Carnby, is actually there, expecting him. He asks about the bodies in the coroner's office.

After both Carnby and Xavier examined the cadavers, and after heading to the same public toilets where the dagger was last laid. Xavier stabbed Carnby after the Witch began to influence him. A group of witch hunters detecting the aura of a vitim of the witch's blade find Carnby and Xavier, both mostly comatose. After shooting Xavier, who was deemed too late, they dragged a convulsing Carnby to their Car and drove towards Dexter's house. They stopped mid-way to remove a dagger piece that broke off in his body.


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