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Derceto Manor was built around 1818 by a man named Elijah Pickford, who was known as "an adventurer of the worst kind, nouveau riche and bloated with a grotesque sense of self-importance". The house was built in secrecy, as Pickford was constructing beneath the house an intricate system of tunnels.
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[edit]Did you know...
  • ... that Ezekiel Pregzt, the antagonist that featured in the first game, was mentioned several times in Alone in the Dark 2, 3 and Illumination?
  • ... that Derceto was another name for the goddess Astarte?
  • ... that both the Cthonian, Nightgaunts and Deep Ones were HP Lovecraft monsters?
  • ... that Jed Stone was rumored to have been the offspring of Ezechiel Pregzt and Elizabeth Jarret each of whom was an antagonist in either the first and second games.
  • ... that Frederick Raynal created Emily Hartwood with the objective of reaching the female public?
  • ... that there are actually two different depictions of Edward Carnby in the films, even though the second film is titled Alone in the Dark 2?
  • ... that there were plans for a remake of the first Alone in the Dark?
  • ... that Alone in the Dark 2 won a prize for having "the hardest and most frustrating anti-piracy technique ever"?
  • ... that the name of the playable Engineer in Illimunation, Elizabeth Saunders, had the same name last name as Grace Saunders from Alone in the Dark II, though it is unknown if they were related at all.
  • ... that Obed Morton, a charcter from The New Nightmare, shared the same name as a character in the Lovecraft story, The Shadow of Innsmouth?

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