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Alone in the Dark: Illiumination post-patch articles project
This article is within the scope of the Alone in the Dark: Illiumination post-patch articles project. This project is dedicated to improving the quality of ability related articles on Category:Alone in the Dark: Illumination and bring them in line with Alone in the Dark Wiki's new ability tree featured in the post-patch version of the game.. For participation, please check the project page.
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This is the home page of a Alone in the Dark Wiki project. A project is a collaboration of editors improving articles and other content related to a particular subject. For more information, see Alone in the Dark Wiki:Projects.
This project has been completed and is no longer active.

The Alone in the Dark: Illumination creatures_project is a project which aims to improve the quality of Episode articles from Alone in the Dark: Illumination.

See also: Alone in the Dark: Illumination articles project


  • Improving the layout and content of existing Alone in the Dark: Illumination creature articles and making them consistent with the new article layout guideline
  • To distinguish in the articles if the creatures have their proper name (e.g. It is unknown if the mentioned Shapes were still an enemy or were called by a different name)


Adapt all pages to the standard layout and check creature image, infobox and categories.


  • Add your name to the tasks you are currently working on (simply insert {{repeat}} ~~~, this adds your signature without date)
  • Mark tasks you have completed with {{yes}} ~~~
  • Once all other tasks have been completed, someone else should review the result. This is done to ensure nothing has been overlooked. If that has been done, add {{yes}} ~~~ to the "peer review" and "all done" columns.
  • icons and translations relating to the post patch have been completed, but there is always room for improving and verifying information.

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