Animated Armor
Animated Armor
Race Ghost/animated
Location(s) Lobby (2nd Floor)

Also dubbed the Wraith Knight, the Animated Armor is a suit of armor controlled by Ezechiel Pregzt. It makes one appearance in Alone in the Dark (1992).

Biography Edit

The armor is located on the 2nd Floor of Derceto Manor, across from the main stairs and beside the doors to the Library.

The animated armor comes to life and attacks the player if they get too close. It will pursue them relentlessly and kill them with its sword.

The armoured being seems invulnerable, but the key to its destruction is hinted at in the book Sons of the Sun and of the Shadows, which contains a diagram of the Very Heavy Statuette and a story explaining its significance.

In the story a group of Spanish Conquistadors find themselves paralyzed by their armour at the sight of a giant version of the Statuette being given life by the summoning of an evil spirit in a profane ritual which lasts until the Conquistadors' leader slays the summoning priest with a thrown knife.

Though the animated armour is far more like that of a late-Mediaeval Knight than that of a Conquistador, it may be vaquished by reversing the roles in Suns of the Sun. It can only be destroyed by throwing the Statuette at it. Upon destruction it drops its sword, which is unbreakable and can be used by the player.

Strategy Edit

The armor will not move unless the player approaches it, so throw the statuette from across the room to safely destroy this monster.

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