Bathroom (3rd Floor)
3rd Floor Bathroom 1
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)
3rd Floor Bathroom 2

The entrance to the bathroom.

The Bathroom on the third floor is one of the many rooms the player can explore in Derceto Manor. It features a simple green, striped wallpaper and a curved ceiling. On the far wall from the entrance, sits a broken mirror fixed above a porcelain sink. Note there is no toilet in this particular bathroom.

To the left of the sink is a towel rack and to the right is a bathtub void of a shower curtain. Between the tub and the door rests a tall, wooden cabinet. A First Aid Case is found upon searching it. The Bathroom is one of two rooms on the 3rd Floor to contain no enemy encounters.

Note: There is no water for the jug in this bathroom.

Adjacent Rooms Edit