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Bubble Blade
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Gender male

Bubble Blade was the second lieutenant to One Eye Jack and performed as the crew's acrobatist.


Bubble Blade was the youngest member of a family of armorers from Toledo. After a strict training, he became a wonderful fencer. At Prado, he impaled the viceroy.

Endowed with his legendary flexibility, he escaped from Santa Sangre via a machicolation. He was hired by One Eye Jack after Jack disposed the fencer's companions, who were mercenaries.

His famous technique was the Royal Pardon, giving him a reputation. After his fight against Lieutenant Briggs, he became remembered as one of the finest in piracy.



He is first encountered and fought on the third level of the mansion known as Hell's Kitchen, where he fights, coupled with his agility. When carnby defeats Music Man on the main deck, Bubble Blade grabs the sword which could kill Jack and leaps onto a underground pipe. Upon defeating Mister Eye, Carnby must duel with Bubble Blade in order to obtain the sword.


Bubble Blade is one of the most resistant and agile enemies. He is extremely fast and tends to move close to the opponent to hit him with punches or kicks and then move away and repeat. Often performs a powerful kick preceded by a vertical, it is possible to dodge it by taking advantage of the loading time that this shot requires. Once hit, Bubble Blade will be supported by a gun-armed zombie, making it harder to get the better of it; the best strategy is to lure him into the room where the Christmas Acme Ltd message was collected , so that the confined space plays against him. If you place yourself near the door you can even prevent the two enemies from entering together so they can comfortably eliminate them one at a time. The second fight will take place on the Flying Dutchman's tree and Bubble Blade will be armed with Captain Nichols' sword (needed to kill One-Eyed Jack). The battle is made difficult by the fact that a fall will be deadly for Carnby, however Bubble Blade will make a leap every time it is hit allowing you to advance considerably. Alternatively you can try to move to the far side of the tree and shoot Bubble Blade taking advantage of the fact that it will approach very slowly. It takes eight shots of the pirate gun to kill him but, alternatively, you can weaken him enough and then finish him off with a saber .

In the first fight, Bubble Blade also calls for backup from a big variant of the pirate mobster.



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