Charles Fiske's Notebook
Charles Fiske's Notebook
Effects Document
Source Already in Carnby's inventory
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Charles Fiske's Notebook belonged to Edward Carnby friend and partner, Charles Fiske. It was found on his body when his body was found in the Boston sea close to Shadow Island. Edward starts with this item at the start of the game.


This is the diary of the late Charles Fiske, recovered at sea and covered in blood. The detective's notes about Shadow Island , the story of Bureau 713 and its director Christopher Lamb are shown . In particular, Lamb's interest in prof. Obed Morton and Fiske's findings on the latter. The Abkanis amulets able to "assure the wearer of a clear and precise vision of the events he had lived" are also briefly described .

Fisks notepad

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