James Pinkerton
Gender Female
Status deceased
Race Human

Sister Clara was a nun who raised Edward Carnby at her orphanage when he was 10 years old.


In the '80s, she was persuaded by Professor Hudgens to allow experiments on the orphans. She keeps this secret from everyone but is inwardly guilty for her immoral actions.

When Carnby had grown up, returned to the orphanage and to see the now aged nun to help him with the mysterious dissappearances of the former children who were also raised in the orphanage.

Sometime before the portal of Darkness was destroyed, she was killed by a xeno, her dead body still lying on the floor in her orphanage. After Edward and Aline destroyed the Portal of Darkness, they both went to the orphanage and found Clara's body on the floor, killed by a Xenos.

  • She is only seen in the movie and is exclusive to the film.
  • she was played by Karin Konoval.

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