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Pod in world of darkness, where a creature of darkness spawned from

The creatures of Darkness are an overall term used for sinister creatures that appear originally as shadows prior to be confirmed as silicon-based, supernatural lifeforms with powers of invisibility. They inhabit the dark caverns called the World of Darkness, located in the centre of the Earth. There are many portals to this world, including one located within Shadow Island.


Though latest studies conducted by Alan Morton revealed their nature as silicon-based lifeforms, many aspect of the Creatures of Darkness' very beings violate several laws of science: They lacked bone, muscle, or vertebrae. Instead of DNA, their cells contain a crystalline structure which share identical functions, along with photosensitive properties. This gives an impression that Creatures of Darkness are actually minerals that imitate the "evolution" of the living beings into lifeforms they are today.

Compounds from a crystalline structure with photosynthesis properties, their central nervous system is a dark and glossy mass composed mainly of zinc and beryllium, long approximately 35 centimeters long and 15 wide, which reacts to the contracting white light as if it were a pupil.

Creatures of Darkness breed asexually like bacteria. They apparently perform this by imbuing their essence onto mineral-rich soil from which the said essence feed upon. After consuming enough minerals, the crystalline essence grows into a pod that hatched into a fully grown progeny of the creature in question. This was demonstrated through the birth of a Photosaurus encountered by the protagonists.

All types of these creatures are allergic to light (some creatures being repelled by flashlight, while light producing ammunition like "magnesium bullets" are deadly to them). Exposure to light turns some creatures into ash.


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A Photosaurus being "born"

Prior to the events of the game, in January 13 of 1963, one of these beasts appeared and attacked Mrs. Morton, causing her to fall from her horse and become injured. The incident was witnessed by Sultan and Alan, whom presence prompted it to flee. Injuries she sustained rendered Mrs. Morton paraplegic and blind for the rest of her life.

Upon learning the incident, Jeremy Morton berated both Obed and Alan as he suspected that the two had unwittingly let the creature loose when they played not far from the gate near the ruins at Shadow Island. Following his passing 10 years later in June 21, Alan's father Howard forbade his son to go for the ruins and even changed the combination of the lock of the gate for the bridge which leads to the same ruins. This however, didn't deter Alan from his obsession for the Creatures of the Darkness, which further fostered his disillusionment towards his father and loss of faith on Jeremy, especially since the latter worked hard in developing weapons to combat his object of obsession and plan to have everyone evacuating the island.

In April 8, 1992, Alan has begun his research for the beasts with help of his brother and clues that left behind by Jeremy Morton where, at the same time, discovered alternate means to go for the gate after excavating galleries of underground complex that lead to sacrificial chamber. After translated few tablets from within the ruins, his obsession grew and faltered his trust on Obed, aware that his brother would marry and have a new family. His early attempts in creating hybrids of Creatures of Darkness and surface lifeforms ended in failure due to the used test subjects, presumably dogs, decomposed in an accelerated rate. He then turned on more promising guinea pigs for his insane experiments: Human beings. Since his father clearly an obstacle between him and his mad ambitions, Alan deliberately chose him as the first of many of his human victims...

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