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"In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming." - H.P. Lovecraft

Gender Genderless
Hair None
Eyes Red
Status Biologically Immortal
Race Great Old One
Location(s) Outer Space
The Ether
Relations Azathoth (2x Great-Grandfather)
Yog-Sothoth (Grandfather)
Shub-Niggurath (Grandmother)
Nug (Parent)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (Mentioned)
Alone in the Dark: Illumination

Cthulhu is a fictional deity in the Cthulhu Mythos. He is described as an ancient entity of immense power that manipulates the human minds.

A Great Old One or Cosmic God, also known as the Outer Gods, as well as the titular figure in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, which formed the basis and inspiration of the Alone in the Dark series. He appears as the main antagonist in Alone in the Dark: Illumination.


Cthulhu is the Lord of R'lyeh, and an ancient being that came from the stars hundreds of millions of years ago with its people to war against the Elder Things of Earth. After the task was completed, the being retreated to R'lyeh where the rise of the ocean trapped it in its sunken tomb.

Cthulhu is also known by the following names:

  • High Priest of the Great Old Ones
  • The Great Dreamer
  • The Sleeper of R'lyeh

Alone in the Dark[]

Cthulhu and anything related to it is heavily mentioned in some of the books found in Derceto, due to the fact that the owner of the house, Ezechiel Pregzt, became an acolyte. The Great Old One was rumored to have given Pregzt immortality.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination[]

Cthulhu is the main source of the forces of Darkness in Lorwich, Virginia. An Elder Thing was made use to enable Cthulhu to walk the Material World.

The summoning device is destroyed. However, it does not stop Cthulhu from being unleashed into the world. Upon defeat, it is banished back to its dimension indefinitely, and the following statement appears:

"You have driven back the Old Ones and prevent great calamity.

But evil of this magnitude can never be truly defeated. Even now, from between folds of eternal darkness, Cthulhu waits dreaming.

One day he will rise anew. Already there are rumors of strange, swirling portals materializing around Lorwich.

When the time comes, will you be ready to face the darkness once again?"



  • It could be speculated that whilst Cthulhu was able to be summoned after the last Obelisk was destroyed, he was not at his full power, unlike the game overs during the Obelisk boss fights.
  • Despite having been mentioned several times in the series, Cthulhu appears for the first and so-far only time in Alone in the Dark: Illumination.
  • In contrast to the description given by Lovecraft in the story The Call of Cthulhu, the creature in the game has no wings.
  • In the game files there are two other models of Cthulhu, called mine and cemetery, it was probably expected that the boss would be faced also in the scenarios Lorwich mines and Beneath the Graves.



Alone in the Dark: Illumination