Pirate gangster
Gender Male
Status Status
Race Immortal Pirates
Location(s) Shooting Gallery

The Drunken pirate was an unnamed member of the Flying Dutchman, which was captained by One-Eyed Jack.

Drunken pirate


Carnby first encounters the Drunk pirate in the Shooting Gallery, some time after exploring the nearby Distillery room. Here, the pirate is in a drunken stupor. By giving him the alcohol, the drunken pirate would disappear. If Carnby attacks him, that pirate would then proceed to shoot at Carnby with a pistol.

If Carnby gives him a drink, the drunk will eventually appear again some time after defeating T-Bone, where he will not hesitate into attacking Carnby.


Initially he is harmless. However, attacking him or taking his sack near the clothes stand would provoke him into attacking with his handheld gun.

Alternatively if he is given whiskey, he will consume it and will disappear into the floor, back into the Flying Dutchman.

If provoked, it is not recommended to shoot him with any gun, due to its limited resources and the pauses between shots. A good way to defeat him is to use the left and right key punches, especially, backing him against the wall between wall and the cards, so that Carnby can constantly hit him without giving the drunk the opportunity to fire back or to let him reel back which will mean that Carnby needs to get close again.


This pirate looks like he is wearing undergarment shorts and a singlet. Carnby's first encounter is in Hell's Kitchen, one of the cookies are drunk and wearing pyjamas.


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