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Edward Carnby
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown
Status Unknown
Race Caucasian
Location(s) Gloucester, MA
Relations Charles Fiske (friend)
Voice Actor(s) David Gasman
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
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This article is about the character as portrayed in The New Nightmare continuity, which included the video game with the same name and it's prequel comic. For the Carnby from the other games, see Edward Carnby. For the main article about Carnby in the movie adaptations, see Edward Carnby (Film).

Edward Carnby is a playable character in the Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare and featured in a comic book that served as a prequel to the game. He is a paranormal detective and the second Carnby in the lineage of the Shadow Hunters, with that making him the protagonist of only one Alone in the Dark in the franchise.


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Background history[]

Edward was born February 29, 1968 in Richmond, Virginia. It is entrusted by social workers at the orphanage of Saint Andrew, whose director gave him the name. He did not know anything about his parents. In 1982, he joins an investigative agency that was founded by Charles Fiske established a strong friendship with the latter; the two worked on paranormal cases togheter.

Son of John Brown, an American army officer, and Edna Lewis, Edward was born February 29, 1968 in Richmond, Virginia. His father died in Vietnam shortly before his birth, on January 10 of that year, shortly before being sent home, while her mother dies in childbirth due to a brain hemorrhage, leaving Edward an orphan. He is then given by social workers to the orphanage of St. George, where his father had done gardener, owned by an organization known as the Mystic Order of Luxix (MOL), whose objective is to train soldiers able to fight the forces of evil who are trying to make their way on humanity. Adopted by the Order, the child is baptized Edward Carnby, transliteration of El War Qarn'bi namely: "the one who fights the embodiment of evil and chasing shadows." Over the years, he is trained by the Order, studying ancient manuscripts secrets and dealing with the supernatural from an early age, thus learning how to recognize the forces of evil and always know how to address them. At fifteen, Carnby begins to manifest impatience with the doctrines and the fanaticism of the Order masters, putting them openly questioned, finally deciding to leave the orphanage. In the following years traveling the world: in 1983 he went to Sicily and the south of France, in 1985 he reaches Romania and visit the city of Hailar in China the following year. He returned to the US in 1990 he moved to Salem, Massachusetts where he takes to work for a charity funded by 'Order of Luxix and directed by Robert Fiske. Decided to break off any relationship with the Order, Carnby befriends another their ex-adept: Charles Fiske, the son of Robert Fiske. Carnby then moved to Boston and on 10 January 1991 joins investigative agency founded by Charles in 1982 . over the years the two continue to work on natural phenomena and paranormal cases out of the ordinary. [1]


Life is a Hideous thing[]

In 2001 Fiske sent Carnby to Nepal for information from Dr. Leng on the possible discovery of the Crown of Genghis, an artifact used by Genghis Khan to conquer China, then delivered by him to Marco Polo to bring it to Aggartha, by the servants of the darkness known as Kun-Yin. Determined to destroy the Crown, Carnby parachutes into the Nepalese mountains where he saves the art dealer Ganesha , Professor Aline Cedrac and her colleague Frank Stone, by some monstrous Yeti: the Mi-Go. Taking refuge in the temple of Aggartha, the investigator explains to the group that those creatures are actually the ancient inhabitants of the kingdom, the Yan-Ho, changed due to the influence of the Crown. Once the artifact is found, in the bowels of the temple, Stone manages to take it before the others by revealing his plan: he intends to reach the center of Aggartha to evoke the Growing Chaos , a dimensionless creature that can be evoked thanks to the power of the Crown when the stars have a particular alignment called The Hour of the Sickle. Stone awakens the Rakashas, ancient guardians, and turns them against Ganesha, Carnby and Aline. The latter, however, uses her language skills first to deceive the demons and then to convince the Mi-Go that came to help them stop Stone. After Ganesha leaves them, Carnby and Aline head towards the Center of the World, a natural phenomenon around which Aggartha was built: it is an upward-facing magnetic fulcrum which, according to Fiske, can represent a beacon towards others worlds. Once there they see Stone summon the Growing Chaos and Carnby tries to stop it using a spell from the Montsegur monks, without success. It is Aline who stops Stone, removing his crown thanks to a spell found among the possessions of his unknown father, so both try to close the crack from which the growing chaos is descending, only succeeding when Ganesha comes to their aid. After destroying the Crown, the group returns to Dr. Leng's airship where Carnby is summoned to receive news of Fiske's death.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare[]

Carnby is a paranormal investigation agent, looking for answers about the death of his friend, Charles Fiske, who had gone to Shadow Island to learn about the Abkani tribe. Carnby and an archaeologist, Aline Cedrac, both end up on Shadow Island, where they encounter the crazed Morton brothers, and manage to save the world by collecting the Abkani tablets that had been scattered across the island.

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Edward Carby is a cold and enigmatic individual, whose attitude detaches him from most of people. He can be quite rude, and has no problem to say what he thinks, and act only for his interest, refusing to take orders from anyone. He has such a strong will that even Lamb admits Carby can't be controlled. He is usually not friendly towards anyone at first encounter, and doesn't even try to be particularly likable, as he doesn't care what others think of him, and he himself looks to be a loner, with little to no desire to have relationship with other people.

Despite this attitude, Carby isn't actually a heartless person: he has a very deep friendship with his colleague Charles Fiske, and he is terribly hurt when the latter is killed, even vowing to discover his murderer, no matter the cost. While he can be rude with Aline, he is protective towards her, and ultimately comes to respect her and her desire to investigate on her own, despite being still irritated when she gets distracted from their mission due to her academic interest in Abkanis's manufactures, since he is very focused on their goal. He also shows altruism toward the man without an arm he meets on Shadow Island, or some concern towards Lucy Morton.

Carby is usually able to maintain his cold blood in most of situations, seldom rarely letting his emotions or fear dominate him, despite the frightening situation he is trapped in. He also shows some sense of humor, even breaking his usual seriousness. He looks to be also a bookworm, even surprising Aline with his vocabulary at some point.


  • A background legend was made in order to explain the sudden change in Edward Carnby in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare from the first three games. It was said that this version of Carnby belonged to a lineage of Shadow Hunters who were born the 29th of February in every 40 years and raised as orphan children in St. George's Orphanage, all of them going by the name of Edward Carnby. The name is depicted as a literal anglicized form of "El War Qarn'bi", which means "the one who battles evil incarnate and hunts out the shadows". According to this legend, the original Edward Carnby was born in 1888 and went out of record after engaging several uncommon affairs in the years 1920 to 1939. The Edward Carnby in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare was born in 1968.
  • For what all indicates, Carnby doesn't trust anyone but himself, revealing some similarities with Sherlock Holmes.

The appearance of this Edward resembles that of Jackie Estacado's in the comic, The Darkness, although it is more likely that the brown vest worn is a tribute to the one worn by Edward Carnby in the original covers Alone in the dark 2 and 3 .

-The developers have said that they were inspired by Fox Mulder in the series X-Files and Hellboy (the revolver Carnby is a direct homage to the latter) to delineate this character.

-In game instructions booklet indicates that Edward was given to the orphanage of St. Andrew (like the original Edward Carnby), while in the Official Strategy Guide orphanage called St. George .


Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare


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