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Elizabeth Jarret
Alone2 ElizabethJarret2.png
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Status Deceased
Race Caucasian
Location(s) Hell's Kitchen
Relations One-Eyed Jack (lover)
Jed Stone (alleged son)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 2
Alone in the Dark 3 (mentioned)

Elizabeth Jarret is an evil voodoo sorceress who is romantically involved with One Eyed Jack. She is believed to be the mother of Jebediah "Jed" Stone. She is considered the secondary antagonist in Alone in the Dark II.


Young Elizabeth.png

200 years past, she came to Haiti as a little girl to live with her guardian and tutor Cotten, who was cruel and abusing to her. One of Cotten's slaves, in secret, taught her how to use the dark arts, or in Elizabeth's words, "how to ride the darkness". However, once she mastered the technique, she killed her tutor with the use of a stabbing voodoo doll. She uses her new powers to burn down Cotton's mansion, and in vengeance, enslaves him into her "creature". When they were captured by Royal soldiers, they recognized Cotten despite his change. She was then put aboard the Flying Dutchman as a prisoner. With her powers, she was able to "see" where the keys to her chains were hidden. In desperation, she sent out a cry for help, which attracted the dreaded pirate captain One Eyed Jack. He came to her rescue and destroyed the crew. In return, she conjured up a pact to grant One Eyed Jack, his crew, and herself immortal. The only catch was that every 100 years, they needed to sacrifice an innocent little girl to age in their place, thus fulfiling the pact.

Elisabeth gaoled.png

This is where their present-day plan comes into action, as they intend to use Grace to continue their immortality.

Events of Alone in the Dark 2[]

She is encountered late into the game, when Carnby escapes One Eyed Jack's trap. She confronts him as he tries to flee out the front door and subdues him into a trance. Incapacitated, Captain Jack's henchmen transport Carnby to the holding cell of the Flying Dutchman. After Grace Saunders helps free Carnby of his shackles, Elizabeth strikes with her magic against Carnby once again, when he comes upon the Captain's Quarters. Grace, having learned a critical weakness of the witch, uses the magical power of Chicken Paws to enter her room and end her life.


After being taught how to master the dark arts, she had no qualms about killing her former teacher with her newfound power. She was shown to be very vengeful, burning down her abusive guardian and took pleasure into turning him into her creature.


  • As well as being immortal, she is a powerful spellcaster which puts her at an advantage to either Carnby or Grace. In her backstory, she is known to "see" and to communicate from great distance.
  • In her early life, she was once a former plantation slave.
  • You can see Elizabeth in the beginning intro of the game - some versions show her "seeing" Stryker's attempt to rescue Grace, who is then choked to death by a possessed Clown. In the remastered Saturn and PSX ports, an additional scene shows her laughing at Stryker's failed attempt of rescue.
  • Like most characters, she was given texture-mapping in the 1996 ports of Alone in the Dark II, rather than the flat shading look of the original game.
  • During her speech of her past, she talks with a lisp.

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