Emergency Flare
Type Light
Effects Light
Source Varies

The Emergency Flare is an item from the 2008 video game, "Alone in the Dark"


The Emergency Flare is an item players can use to create a bright red light that is larger in size then the light from a glowstick. However, flares are rarer then glowsticks, meaning that the player can carry far fewer of them at any given time.


  • The flare is one of the rarest items in the game, but a few can always be found in an underground passage in the school like building to the lower south-west corner of the map.
  • Combine the flare with an empty bottle covered with double sided tape and a handkerchief to create a useless item, and earn a trophy.
  • If the player creates the useless item, throws it, then picks it back up, Edward will look at the bottle, then discard it and refuse to pick it up again.

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