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Episode 1: Blackout
Next episode Episode 2: Questions

Blackout is the first episode in Alone in the Dark (2008). The episode that follows is "Questions"

Sequence 1: Wake UpEdit

I wake up in a strange room, dizzy. I'm not
alone. Two mean sounding guys are talking
about some weird thing that came out of me.
There's an old man who calls me "Edward".
The boss comes in, wants me dead - I don't
even know why...

Checkpoint 1Edit

Wake Up 1

Crowley, Hamet, and Scoff discuss their next move while Paddington sits up on his cot.

Edward Carnby finds himself on a cot in a small room. Under the influence of some drug, Carnby can barely make out two men having a conversation a few feet away. The men, Scoff and Hamet, are having a discussion on what they are to do next. Theophile Paddington lies unconscious on a cot nearby.

Hamet: What do we do now?

Scoff: We follow the plan, period.

Hamet: But it wasn't supposed to b…

Scoff: Just relax. You know what we're dealing with here. Crazy shit is bound to happen in our line of work.

Hamet: Are you kidding me! Those... cracks. They came out of his body like they were alive.

Scoff: Get a grip Hamet. The path of light's finally within our reach. Nothing is going to ruin this. Nothing. Now just follow the damn schedule.

Hamet: Well what about him? (Points to Carnby) You sure he's still out?

Scoff: (Walks over to Carnby) One way to find out. (Sits Carnby up) Look at me.[1] (Shines a flashlight in his Carnby's eyes) Not too scary now is he? (Walks back over to Hamet) Christ! He drooling like a baby, fucking vegetable! Thanks to Paddington, he just an average Joe now. He'll be no trouble.

Hamet: Let's hope so.

(Paddington begins to sit up)

Paddington: Edward!

Scoff: Who said you could talk! (Scoff punches Paddington and grabs him by the neck) Up till now I've been going easy on you. Just give me a fucking excuse and I'll really show you what it means to suffer!

Crowley: (Crowley enters) Mr. Scoff! Let him be. (Scoff releases Paddington and backs up) Once our other friend here is dead, Paddington will be the only one left who can manipulate the stone. You don't want to compromise everything we've worked for, do you?

Scoff: No. Sir.

Crowley: I didn't think so. Mr. Hamet, you and I will escort Paddington. Mr. Scoff, take the rag doll up to the roof and kill him.

(Both Hamet and Scoff draw uzis from their coats and begin the task assigned them)

Scoff: Consider it done.

Crowley: Now!

(Crowley leaves the room as Hamet leads Paddington to the door. Scoff helps Carnby to his feet)


  1. If the player refuses to look up, the following will take place.
    Scoff: Look at me.
    (If the player still refuses)
    Scoff: Come on sweetheart, rise and shine.
    (If the player still refuses)
    Scoff: I said look at me!
    (If the player still refuses)
    (Scoff begins to force Carnby's head up while Hamet walks forward) Hamet: No. He's fooling us! (Hamet pulls out his uzi and shoots Carnby twice)

Checkpoint 2Edit

Wake Up 2

The hotel room empties as the plot begins to flow.

After putting Carnby on his feet, Scoff begins to bark orders to begin walking. He warns Carnby not to look at him or else he will kill him.[1] He begins by directing Carnby through the door and to the right. After leaving the room it is obvious that Carnby is in a hotel. Soft muzak begins to play as he nears the elevator.

Note: Some dialogue may be skipped depending on how quickly the player progresses through the area.

Hamet: (Pushes the elevator violently) This elevator sucks! Will this heap ever be fixed?

Crowley: It's an antique. Waited eighteen minutes for it to take me up here. (To Scoff) Why are you still here? Take him to the roof, don't make us late!

Paddington: Don't worry about me. They can do me no harm but you must…

Crowley: (Punches Paddington in the side and forces him against the wall) You don't listen do you? I told you to shut the hell up! Get it moving Scoff. We ain't got any time for this shit, now go!

Scoff then leads Carnby to the stairway door and tells him to stop. After opening the door and turning on the lights, Scoff tells Carnby to proceed up the stairs and to the right. As he approaches the second set of stairs a Fissure moves along the ceiling, down the wall, and disappears.

Scoff: Come on, come on, keep crawling up those… wait a second, what the hell was that. (After continuing forward) What the… Did you do this? You fucking freak. You're dead!

Carnby then proceeds to the end of the hall and turns just as Scoff opens the door to the roof. A Fissure then pulls him into the door and the floor collapses. While on the ground, Carnby sees Scoff fighting to get free. He is pulled through and his screams are silenced as blood begins to flow down the wall. Carnby then stands up and begins to make his way down a maintenance corridor. At the end of the path he finds a small sink and a mirror. As the drugs wear off, he sees himself for the first time, remarking "My God! Who the hell am I?"


  1. If at any time the player either refuses to proceed, tries to turn around, or takes too long, Scoff's patients will begin to wane. After several warnings he will shoot Carnby.

Sequence 2: VertigoEdit

I end up on top of an elevator. Inside, the boss
threatens the old man he calls "Paddington".
The old man's stone starts gleaming and
then... total panic. I feel like I'm standing on a
bird cage hung by a hair over a 22-storey
drop. Then the cage starts shaking...

Sequence 3: Fire EscapeEdit

25th floor. Fire is spreading everywhere. I
meet Anna. She's panicking; a man is trapped
in his office. Trying not to think about the
black screen of my mind, I'm fighting the
flames that dance crazily around us...

Sequence 4: Don't look down!Edit

I've fallen onto a balcony. What better place
to think than a building's façade? As I climb in
the fading light of the sunset, I can't ignore
the roar of panic coming from the street.
Death holding my hand, I start walking on a
collapsing razor's edge...

Sequence 5: 24th FloorEdit

Anna joins me inside. We try to find a way
through dark ruined rooms. I meet Jack, a
watchman. Anna disappears. Tonight all the
trouble in the world is coming my way...

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