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Episode 2: Questions
Previous episode Episode 1: Blackout
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Questions is the second episode in Alone in the Dark (2008). The episode following that is Painful Answers.

Sequence 1: Unexpected Meeting[]

Anna is back with a jigsaw of flesh into place of her face.The thing that possesses her asks me for "her stone". I don't have it so I gently tell her to **** off. That's when she stops being nice.."

Sequence 2: Reception Hall[]

"I've just met Sarah. She's a cute pain in the ass, but at least she's still human. Our elevator has crashed 22 floors. A real slaughter fest is going        on in the reception hall- exactly where we're headed to.."

Sequence 3: Do I Know You?[]

  "We find the old man, Paddington, in bad shape hiding inside the p-
     arking lot. He knows me, but I can't remember anything about him."

Sequence 4: Parking[]

"I don't remember taking any driving lessons but I've got some ref-
     lexes left which is useful as I try get Sarah and Theo out of the 
     parking lot."

Sequence 5: 59th Street[]

"The steet is a huge mess of abandoned cars and colored blinking l-
     ights. Fissures appear on the hotel's facade. They start rushing 
     down towards us. Theo says "To the park!", so I just floor it and 
     try not to look back."

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