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Extract from the Golden Fleece
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Type Book
Source Bookshelf in The Loft
Translator Edouard de Vielban
Publisher Hesperides Publications
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Extract from the Golden Fleece is a book discovered by the protagonist during the exploration of the Loft. This text is from Alone in the Dark. By reading the text, a clue is given in which two mirrors can be used to defeat the Nightgaunts.


of the Myth of
the Golden Fleece

Edouard de Vielban
Hesperides Publications

Then Perseus came across Ichios,
who had been turned into stone. He
spoke to his companions and said,
"Beware of the Medusa. He who looks
into their eyes is doomed to the same fate
as that which befell poor Ichios and
will never more set eyes on Seriphos."
"Must we go blindfolded?" asked
Ymelops. "Take up your bronze
shields and polish them until they flash
in the sun," answered Perseus. "Fill
your hearts with courage. May
Artemis guide us as though we were an
arrow from her quiver."

But Ymelops was not satisfied. "Why
do that, Perseus? Is three inches of
sharpened metal not enough to destroy
these accursed creatures?" Then
Perseus drew his sword, which shone
and glittered in the sun, and with it he
dazzled Ymelops. "Now what can you
see?" The companions of Zeus' son
laughed. "Let us set to work, so that
our shields may shine like mirrors."