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Game(s) Alone in the Dark

Fissures are the primary enemy in Alone in the Dark. They are frequently seen throughout the game in two forms, one as a large, rapidly moving fissure that can travel across the ground and over structures, and in smaller forms on possessed humans. They are very fast and difficult to target, and have the ability to completely swallow up humans, only to later regurgitate them as transformed creatures known as humanz.

Fissures announce their presence by the crumbling sound they make as they burrow and by the music shifting into a dramatic ambiance with screaming in the background. Fissures tend to make a beeline for the player but if the player is moving will try to cut them off. Walking onto the black smoke emitting part will cause the controller to vibrate and after a second will pull the player in. The fissure will then drag the player around the place dealing a lot of damage. To escape the player will be prompted to push the left stick in a direction and then press a at the right time to grab an object and pull themselves out. Beware that pushing the stick in an unprompted direction or pressing a too early will cause the player to stop and take damage before resuming the hell ride. The fissure may also pull the player to a spot and try to drag them underground, requiring mashing of A to escape. It is common to have several injuries from any one of these trips, and a fatal wound may occur from prolonged rides.

Like all demonic creatures, fissures are extremely vulnerable to fire. A single hit, or shot, from any flammable weapon is enough to kill them. When killed they leave a charred fissure behind.

Oddly, the fissure seems to repair the damage it does to the surface it travels on. The scars it leaves behind as it moves close up. Fissures in cutscenes are shown to quickly overwhelm people they catch but the player is strong enough to overpower it and pull themselves out.

List of Fissure-assimilated creatures[]

Alone in the Dark (2008)/ Alone in the Dark: Inferno