The Flying Dutchman
Flying Dutchman under jack
Location Underneath Hell's Kitchen

The Flying Dutchman was formerly a prison ship which held the captive voodoo sorceress Elizabeth Jarret. After a battle with Captain jack's pirates and with the sinking of their former ship, they claimed the ship as their own and was used as Jacks main ship ever since.


Under Captain Nichol's command Edit

Around 2 centuries ago, the ship was under the command of Captain Nichols.

Whilst being a prisoner aboard the ship, Elizabeth used her powers to call for help, luring the evil captain One Eye Jack and his ship, the Jolly Roger to the ship and rescue her. In 1724, the two ships battled, although the Flying Dutchman's superior cannons sank Jack's ship, the pirates were able to board the enemy ship and slaughtered the crew. They then used the flying Dutchman as their main ship from that point forward.

Under Captain Jack's command Edit

Under the pirates, the ship began to spread into legend. In 1824, when hey piloted their ship into a cove, the cavern collapse, trapping the ship. The pirates then slaughtered everyone on top of the clip and made it their own, naming it Hell's Kitchen. Throughout the ages, the pirates made use of their deathless lives. DeWitt, for example trumped Senator Brandt in the game of billiards twice.

The ship was magically connected to Hell's Kitchen via the Dumb Waiter, when ringing a tiny bell.


When Carnby was captured by Elizabeth Jarret, she took him into the bowels of the jack's ship, the flying Dutchman, telling him about her background and some history of the ship.



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