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Frank Stone is a character featured in the comic book Life is a hideous thing related to Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare .

Life is a hideous thing[]

When Aline finds a map for Aggartha among her unknown father's documents, the girl leaves immediately for India, accompanied by Frank. At Sikimm, on the border with Nepal, the two look for Ganesha, a well informed antiquarian and capable of organizing an expedition to find the lost continent in a very short time. Stone proves very disheartened, coming to question the authenticity of the map of Aline, however the two are shortly after attacked by some traffickers of treasures from which they manage to escape by returning to their hotel. There they meet Ganesha and organize the expedition to Aggartha, proceeding along the Nepalese mountains. Once the access to the lost continent has been identified, they are attacked by the Mi-Go, of the monstrous Yeti, and it is the intervention of detective Edward Carnby to save them. At the Aggartha temple, the investigator explains that the Mi-Go are none other than the Yian-Ho, ancient inhabitants of the lost continent, turned into monsters due to the influence of the Crown of Genghis, an artifact of the darkness that he intends to destroy. The next day the group manages to find the Crown but Stone precedes the companions and wears it, acquiring dark powers and revealing that he is a servant of darkness, a Kun-Yin, and wants to evoke the Creeping Chaos, a dimensionless creature, from the center of Aggartha. He then orders the statues of the Rakashas to kill the group while he goes to the Heart of the World but he is joined there by Carnby and Aline, led by an Mi-Go. After killing the Yeti and hitting the detective, Stone summons the Growing Chaos by taking advantage of Aline's hesitation to shoot him; however the girl uses on him a spell found among his father's belongings together with the map, removing the crown and killing him.


- The phrase "Poor fool! Frank is dead!" that Stone pronounces to Aline after taking the Crown pays homage to the words with which the story ends Randolph Carter's declaration.


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Life is a hideous thing Characters ]] Edward Carnby · Aline Cedrac · Frank Stone · Ganesha · Dr. Leng Creatures Mi-Go · Rakashas · Chaos Ascending Frank Stone was a young scientist who accompanies Aline in the search for the Crown of Genghis in lost city in Tibet. It was later revealed that he was posessed by a malicious demon whose goal was to unleash the Creeping Chaos.

Life is a hideous thing
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