Frederick Johnson

Frederick Johnson


Frederick Johnson is born on January 1, 1958, in Aurora. Colorado. His parents were poor farm workers and thus he grew up with very little. At the Age of 20 he signed up for the Marine Corps and became an officer in the Signals Corps. At the end of his military career, he joined the FBI. Under the protective wing of Director of Internal Operations, Aston Abbot, he specialized in the infiltrate of terrorist network and sects. In March 1998, he accepted the mission to infiltrate the highly secretive Bureau - 13, and was accountable to Abbot alone. When, in June 2000, Abbot was dismissed by special orders from the director of the FBI. Johnson felt himself to be in grave danger. He knew the power of the organization he had invaded. He had no other choice but to pursue the mission solo. Johnson is fundamentally a soldier. He is used to receiving orders without questioning them. When Abbot was as removed, a doubt began to creep into his mind: “What if I was as manipulated to serve some end other than the protection of American citizens ...?”


He works for Christopher Lamb and Bureau -13. He provided information of Obed Morton to Aline Cedrac leading her to Shadow Island. He also provided information of Charles Fiske's death to Edward Carnby, allowing him to go to Shadow Island as well to retrieve the Abkanis Indian tablets. He actually manipulated both to get them go to Shadow Island, as the photo of Obed with Aline's mother is actually a photomontage, and he suspects from the begin Lamb killed Fiske, even before the latter could go to the island. He tries to contact the plane where the two were aboard, not knowing it crashed on the island, and Carnby doesn't respond in time. When the two are in the World of the Darkness, he contacts them by Walkie talkie, and confess his deceptions, as well he is actually infiltrated in Lamb's organization in order to discover the latter dark intentions, but his coverage was discovered.


He is the person that provided a helicopter that picked up both Aline and Carnby at the end of their time on Shadow Island. He was onboard when the helicopter landed and Aline confronted him about his deception and slapped him.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare