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Frederick Johnson's letter
Frederick Johnsons letter.jpg
Author Frederick Johnson
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Frederick John's letter was a document that is in the possession of Aline Cedrac upon arriving on Shadow Island. In it was a request from Johnson to go to Shadow Island to help with the translation of the tablets. To add further incentive, he suggested that Obed could be her father, adding a photograph of Obed and her mother Marie Cedrac.


Dear Miss Cedrac,

As i explained to you during our conversation, my client trusted to Pr. Obed Morton the translation of three abkani tablets, a photograph of which you will find enclosed. (These are the only documents that we have in our posession and unfortunately, as you will noticed, they are illegible.)

We would in no way like to imply a doubt concerning the capacities of Professor Morton, but we prefer to call upon your services as a guarantee, as it were. Your most recent communique has convinced my client that you are the most suitable candidate for this mission.

We would therefore like to invite you to travel to shadow island to work with professor morton.

Furthermore i enclose the photograph of Obed morton that i showed you and in which you thought you recognized your mother. I carried out the research you requested: your observation does you credit. It transpires that the young lady who seems so close to Obed Morton is effectively Marie Cedrac. Isn't life full of happy coincidences?

As we agree your total remuneration will be US$ 10 000 ( 5000 enclosed and 500 upon delivery of the translations.)

Your departure will be arranged for a date around October 31st. A seaplane will transport you to the island. Edward Carnby, a private detective that i have employed for your protection will accompnany you.

I remain at your disposition. Yours sincererely, Frederick Johnson