Ghost arms
Ghost arms
Gender N/A
Location(s) Hell's kitchen

The ghost arms were ghostly looking arms wielding swords that were located in the corner of her room. They were most likely have been created by Elizabeth Jarret and were presumably guarding her book, Chess and Magik.


These are two arms armed with swords that protect the second half of the Chess and Magik parchment in Elisabeth Jarret's room on the first floor of Hell's Kitchen . They attack only when the player approaches them, making it impossible to collect the parchment, they are immune to any kind of weapon except walking sword of De Witt . They fidget frantically and are very difficult to hit, deal 3 damage points.



In a way, they functioned similar to the animated vines in the hedgemaze, where they were stationary, and were capable of harming the player ifthey got too close, and they ould only be defeated by the use of a sword.

They could only be defeated by the Sword-stick, which could be picked up when De Witt was defeated.

It is very difficult to damage the shielding arms because they attack alternately protecting each other. Once De Witt's sapda is equipped, the best strategy is to try to find an angle from which to hit them with a lunge without receiving damage. Placing yourself on the left corner, framing Carnby so that he doesn't move forward when using the sword, is a great way to do damage to both arms. However, one must pay attention to the left one (to the right of the player) as it will tend to load a long-range shot to be able to hit. When you see him get up, you have to step back to avoid his blow and repeat the procedure until you kill both of them.




Alone in the Dark II
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