Fish Achievement Icon
Gender N/A
Status Varies
Race Fish
Location(s) Entrance to the Sewers

The goldfish is a small, aquatic fish that lives in Central Park. It is found in Alone in the Dark (2008).


The Goldfish is apparently the only one of its kind in Central Park, having somehow survived the chaos of the park being torn apart from New York City, and found itself trapped in a small chamber near the entrance to the sewers, swimming amongst the body of a dead worker, and several valuable items. It was apparently unconcerned though, happily swimming about without a care in the world, oblivious to the demonic forces at work.


The goldfish can be found swimming in the sewers of the PS3 and Xbox 360 levels, in the first room Edward encounters, with the sacks blocking the ladder leading upwards.


If the player is feeling merciful, they will allow the goldfish to live and swim freely and happily among the water of New York's Sewer system. However, should the player wish to take the life of the innocent goldfish, a single hit from any weapon will kill it. It is however, completely immune to the effects of a flammable spray, due to its aquatic nature.


  • The goldfish can be shot to unlock a trophy or achievement titled, "Fisherman's Foe"
  • The goldfish can only be found in the entrance to the sewers.
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