Grace Saunders
Grace Saunders
Gender Female
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Blue
Status Alive
Race Caucasian
Location(s) Hell's Kitchen, CA
Relations Edward Carnby
Ted Stryker
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 2
Jack In The Dark

Grace Saunders is an 8 year-old child who acts as a supporting character in Alone in the Dark 2 and as the main character in Jack in the Dark.

Grace Saunders first appeared in the promotional prequel Jack in the Dark, in which she is trapped in a toy store during Halloween, where she has to save Santa Claus from the toys lead by an evil Jack-in-the-Box named Jack in the Dark.


Events of Jack in the DarkEdit

It's Halloween and Grace Saunders is lost in the big city, until she finds herself trapped in an empty Toy Store with all toys having come to life, all being lead by Jack in the Dark, an evil Jack-in-the-Box.

Alone in the Dark 2Edit

In the game, Grace was kidnapped by One-eye Jack and his gang in order to continue their immortality and "age" in their place.


See also Edit

Gabriella Saunders

Quotes Edit

"Carnby told me it might come in handy." (referencing the Captain's Staff)?


Jack in the Dark
Alone in the Dark II

Trivia Edit

If Grace falls down the hathway on the flying dutchamn, she would use a green parasol to glide down.

Green umbrella Grace
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