Hermes Treismajice
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Human
Location(s) Central Park
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

Dark Maze
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Hermes Treismajice is a supporting character featured in 2008's Alone in the Dark. An alchemist, Hermes was one of the wise men whom had taken possession of the Philosopher's Stone and - under its influence - began constructing a temple underneath Central Park's Belvedere Castle.

Background Edit

Nermes was born several centuries before the Central Park's events. He stole the Philosopher's Stone from Lucifer, and then spilt it in two parts, taking one with him and hide himself in the undergrounds of the future Central Park, waiting to be found by a worth possessor of the second part of the Stone, as Hermes is the Key necessary to reach Lucifer's door.

Involment Edit

Hermes is found by Edward Carnby at the end of the Path of Light. The ancient man reveals he was waiting him by a very long time, as only working toghetr they can defeat the force destroying Central Park.

Edward escorts Hermes with a car to the museum, where the final test is awaiting them. When they arrive, they discover Crowley is taking Sarah as an hostage, but Edward shoots the criminal, killing him. Hermes comments freedom is a great force of nature, for the man, even though another man would inevitably suffers the consequences, then continues to move towards the secret passage. Ultimately, the trio reaches the Lucifer's door, where the profecy is going to realize itself. When Sarah is being possessed by Lucifer's, Hermes encourages Edwards to make his choice, for all the mankind.

If Edwards shoots Sarah, and is possessed in her place by Lucifer, Hermes comments coldly killing was the first thing man did after getting freedom and proceeds to face the door's opening, saying all manking will oppose Lucifer. The fallen angel asks smugly if Hermes thinks he has come alone.

If Edwards refuses to shoot Sarah, she is finally possesed by Lucifer, and Edwards, in response to the demon's provocations, leaves in disgust, while Hermes looks in silence. What happen to them after is left unknown.

Personality Edit

Hermes is a serious and determined man, only focus in his mission, without caring too much about anything else. He looks to be a very pessimistic and misanthropic, as he considers freedom as something wonderful for a man, while another has to suffer for the choices of the first, and in the bad ending doesn't shows too much surprise or horror of Edwards killing Sarah, as he always foreshadowed by the first moment the latter's choice. By contrast, he is completely passive if Edwards leaves Lucifer possess the woman.

Despite being a wise and educated man, Hermes can also being comedic, as he shows great pleasure and enthusiasm to see the world after millennia spent in the underground of Central Park, but he is confused by modern thecnology, as, hearing Sarah's voice with Edwards's mobile phone, he believes there is a soul in the strange object.
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