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Gender Male
Hair Various
Eyes Various
Status Extant
Race Human (Demonically Possessed)
Location(s) Central Park
Relations Lucifer (Creator)
Evolved Humanz (Successor)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

Humanz are humans who have become possessed by the power and consciousness of Lucifer. This transforms them into bestial creatures possessed of inhuman strength and enhanced mobility as well as an animalistic ferocity and resistance to injury.


Originally ordinary humans, humanz are no longer their former selves; having been possessed by demonic forces and turned into feral monsters who will attack anyone on sight.


Humanz are found throughout Central Park, either guarding roots of evil or actively searching for victims to attack.


Like all demonic beings, Humanz are very vulnerable to fire. However, unlike other enemies, they posses a tolerance to it that varies depending on the individual. Normal humanz perish quickly, while larger ones can endure a medium amount of fire, and the large, dagger throwing humanz can endure the most damage, frequently requiring two or three bursts of flame to kill them for good.

The most efficient strategy for taking out humanz of any level is using sprays with the lighter, or throwing explosive bottles and shooting them. Either method will quickly inflict damage, and is it possible to kill three humanz at once using the explosive bottle method.

If the player does not posses any sprays or explosive bottles, they can target the fissures running through the humanz bodies. However, this is very difficult, as the fissures are narrow and thin, making targeting them difficult, especially with the often quick movements of the humanz themselves. Because of this, fighting them in this method is not recommended except as a last resort, or for those who wish to show off their sharpshooting skills.

It is possible to temporarily defeat humanz with melee attacks, as most will fall within two to three hits from any weapon. However, they will rise and attack again after several moments, as humanz can only be permanently killed by fire. To counter this, the player can drag the bodies to an open flame source to burn them, or in certain instances, send them off a cliff.

Due to their resilience, as well as encountering them in packs, it is usually more efficient to simply run from humanz whenever possible, and to fight if there is no other way to get past them, such as if the player is in a building and has nowhere to run to.






  • There is a glitch that appears when fighting humanz with the spray bottle and lighter combination. After being hit by a burst of flame, more powerful humanz will retreat from the player. During this time they are invulnerable to damage and cannot be harmed, forcing the player to wait until they stop before hurting them again.
  • By killing 100 humanz of any type, the player will earn a gold level trophy (PS3) or the achievement 'Eradication' worth 50 gamerpoints (Xbox 360).
  • Humanz have the strange ability to leap well over fifty to sixty feet to land on a moving vehicle, even one that is traveling at top speed. As can be guessed, this is very annoying during driving sequences.

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