Gender Male
Hair White
Race Mutant
Location(s) Slaughter Gulch
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

Engineer Hutchinson is a minor character and boss in Alone in the Dark 3 and one of Jed Stone's servants.


Hired around May 1865, by Jed Stone. His purpose was to research the mountain ore and discover it's capabilities and why it's so harmful for everyone else except Jed. In June of the same year, he discovered that the water beneath a cave (probably where his lab was built) was heavy water, and if combined with the ore, it could possibly boost it's power. Unfortunately, his ore research has led to irreversible mutations. To avoid harming anyone, he locked himself in a cell of his lab.

Charles Fiske's Notebook
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He is fairly easy to beat, one hit with the poisoned needle kills him. Upon death, he drops a Straw and the goal key. A bottle of Ammonia can be found next to him. Despite appearing weak, attacks do 2/3/5 points of damage in the easy/medium/hard difficulty, which is kinda strong and he has a fast attack speed, so don't get hit by him, because his attacks are really hard.

Upon entering the room, you'll freeze for a second and then he'll start grunting. When you get thawed, run in circles around him and wait till he misses one attack or when you're behind him, use the poisoned needle and attack him.


  • Despite being an engineer, he looks more like a scientist.
  • His research states that the ore combined with heavy water could bring devastating results. However, the ore is dipped in lava.

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