Indrani de Bali
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Race Toy
Location(s) Toy Store
Game(s) Jack in the Dark

Indrani de Bali is a dancing toy that had the appearance of a princess from India and was located in the toyshop where Jack was on display. Jack In The Dark.


Indrani is a successful Indian marionette that has been imported by Kipling to the U.S. Its fame spread as fast as an oil slick across the west. She is a dancer from one of the 12 Shiva temples.


She is seen near the window that has a mechanical train. She's possessed by Jack and attempts to kill Grace.


She stays hanged in the wall until you use the coin on the machine. Just as her bio says, use the oil lamp on the ground and wait till she steps on it. She's quite slow and should be an easy bait. After steping on the oil, she trips and dies. Killing her is necessary, even if she doesn't drop anything. Otherwise, you won't progress to the next part of the game.

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