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This is a list of articles in the Alone in the Dark (2008) game.


In Alone in the Dark (2008)/Inferno you can combine the various objects available to obtain more powerful weapons.

Glass bottles[]

Glass.png The glass bottles can easily be found in the lockers, in baskets or in refrigerators. Generally they are full of alcohol can be launched and detonated with a shot of the bullet, the power of the explosion depends on how the bottle is full. Unless you shoot or if they are excluded from the inventory will break once on the ground. And 'possible to fill them with the perforated tanks of the cars, the content can be transferred from one bottle to another or can be emptied on the ground to create incendiary trails.

By pouring flammable liquid on the bullets will become incendiary.

Molotov1.png Molotov: The molotov are obtained through the combination of a glass bottle incendiary and a wick (a handkerchief or gauze). It is also necessary to light them with a lighter before launching them, the impact will break and causing a blaze whose expansion depends on how he filled the bottle.
Adhesive glass molotov.png Glass bottle / adhesive Molotov: Combining the double-sided tape to a glass bottle filled with alcohol or a molotov you will get a bottle of adhesive glass. If launched it will break on impact without sealing surfaces, however it is now possible to attach any other items to the bottle.
Molobomb1.png Explosive glass bottle: Combining a glass bottle with double-sided tape and a box of bullets will result in an explosive bottle. It must be launched and detonated with a gunshot, at the moment of the explosion the box of bullets will also blow up making them splash in all directions and causing enormous damage to the enemies. If you do not shoot it in time, the bottle will fall to the ground and break but you will be able to recover the ammunition.
BigMolotov.png Explosive Molotov: A Molotov cocktail combined with duct tape and bullets will have the same characteristics as a normal Molotov cocktail (if you light it) or an explosive glass bottle (if you shoot it) as the bullets will not blow up on impact. of the lit bottle, but they can always be recovered from the ground.
Lightbottle.png Glass bottle / Molotov with glowstick: A glass bottle or a Molotov cocktail can be combined with a blue glowstick that will be lit upon launch, making the bottle more visible.
Flarebottle.png Glass bottle / Molotov with flares: A flare can be combined with a Molotov cocktail or a glass bottle through the use of double-sided tape. The light will be turned on at launch, making the bottle more visible.

Plastic bottles[]

The plastic bottles, generally full of gasoline, are readily found in several areas of Central Park . At the vending machines will be found full of water, you will need to empty the contents and fill with flammable liquid and turn them into weapons. They have the same characteristics of the glass bottles: they can be blown up with a gunshot, their content can be increased at the cars perforated tanks, poured from a bottle to each other and can be poured on the ground to create trails incendiary. Unlike the glass counterparts, however, these bottles do not break bounce off the impact but allowing it to be collected and reused. Bucandole with a screwdriver or a knife will begin to drain its content and will be launched to create long trails of liquid arsonist to which you can set fire with a lighter. When the flames have burned all the trail and arrive to the bottle, it will explode.

By pouring flammable liquid on the bullets will make them incendiary.

Molotov time: By applying to a plastic bottle full of gasoline a handkerchief or gauze will get a Molotov cocktail. And 'necessary to light it with a lighter before throwing, unlike the glass molotov bounce the bottle and, only when the wick has burnt completely, will explode.
Bottle Plastic-Adesive.png
Sticky bottle: Combining the double-sided tape to a plastic bottle to make it sticky. It will stick to any surface or enemy to be launched allowing to shoot later tossing it in the air. Thanks to the adhesive tape it is possible to apply some objects to the bottle.
Molotov adhesive bottle: Combining a plastic bottle to a wick and double-sided tape will get a timed adhesive Molotov cocktail. This bomb, once turned on, will be launched and will adhere to enemies and surfaces. When the wick will be totally burned the bottle explode.
Explsovie bottle.png
Explosive bottle: For a bottle of plastic combined with double-sided tape can be applied to a box of ammunition. When the bottle will be launched and blown up with a pistol shot the explosion will splash the bullets in all directions, maximizing the damage inflicted on the enemy.
Explsovie bottle-timed.png
Timed Molotov explosive: When you combine a Molotov cocktail at adhesive time a box of bullets you will get a powerful bomb which, when turned on, will be launched and will stick to surfaces and enemies exploding once the wick has burnt. The explosion will add bullets that will splash greatly, increasing the damage inflicted.
Plastic bottle / Molotov with glowstick: It is possible to combine a plastic bottle or a Molotov cocktail with a sticklight that will be turned on at the time of launch, making the bottle more visible. The bottle will stick to any wall or enemy.
Plastic molotov glow.png
Plastic bottle / Molotov with flare: Combining a plastic bottle or a Molotov cocktail with a flare will result in a bottle that produces a more intense reddish light, making it easier to hit when thrown. The bottle will stick to any wall or enemy.


The sprays are useful objects that can be thrown at enemies and detonated with a bullet, creating an explosion rather small. Unlike the spray anti-rust and anti-mosquito spray doctor you may be used to cauterize wounds.

Flame spray.png
Using a spray bottle with a cigarette lighter will create a practical flamethrower craft of limited capacity.

Spray+tape.png Adhesive Spray: The spray adhesive you will get a combination of double-sided tape on a can of spray. Once you launched the spray will take root against allowing anything to shoot and blow it up when you prefer.
Explosive spray.png Explosive sprays: Combining a box of bullets to spray adhesive will result in a spray bottle that once launched, if detonated with a bullet, it will also explode the bullets that will splash in every direction by increasing the damage inflicted on the enemy.
Spray glowstick.png Spray with glowstick: The combination of a can of spray and one glowstick held together by double-sided tape allows it to be launched making the same bottle more evident as soon adhere to the target.
Spray+Flare.png Spray with flare: Combination by a can of spray and a flare. It will produce light when launched and will adhere to any wall or target.


Flare.png Emergency Flares: The blue glowstick and flares are two types of lights that turn on and will be launched by illuminating areas. While flares will have a longer life, greater intensity and force us to escape some of the smaller enemies, the glowstick produce little light and for a relatively short duration.
Glowstickadesive.png Adhesive glowstick: Combining a sticklight you can combine it with double-sided tape with the throwing bottles, making them more visible thanks to the lighting. You can also launch them without applying it to any other object, causing them to adhere to any wall or enemy.
Adesiveflare.png Adhesive Flare: By applying double-sided tape on a flare you can put it in the bottle so as to make them much more visible after being launched. And can also only launch the flares and that will adhere to any wall or enemy.
Blood bag.png Blood bags: The bags of blood can be found in the medical cabinets, can be launched and detonated with a bullet in shedding blood and thus attracting some creatures ( Vampirz and Ratz ). Alternatively you can be drilled with a screwdriver or a knife dripping slowly making their content; throwing once punctured will create trails of blood that will attract monsters, distracting them.
Sticky blood bag.png Sticky blood bags: The sticky blood bag will be obtained by combining a normal blood bag with double-sided tape. Will adhere to any wall or foe and, if pierced, it will create a trail of blood that smaller enemies will drink.