Jack in the Dark
Jack in the dark-toy
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Eyes White
Race Toy
Game(s) Jack in the Dark
For the bonus mini-game, see Jack In The Dark (game).

Jack in the Dark is a jack-in-the-box replica of the infamous pirate known as One-Eyed Jack, the main antagonist in Alone in the Dark 2, and the main antagonist of Jack in the Dark.


It was crafted by an Irish craftsman inspired from the infamous pirate One-Eyed Jack.

Events of Jack in the DarkEdit

It is the the game's main antagonist and apparently haunts the toy store. He is also responsible for the kidnapping of Father Christmas, or Santa Claus. Jack is defeated by Grace Saunders when she makes it look in a mirror and closes itself in its box, ashamed of its ugliness.


Jack is really easy to defeat. If you give him Sweets, it won't accept them. Instead, you have to give him the Candy Stick and quickly use the mirror. Beware that if you give him the Candy Stick and don't use the mirror in time, you'll end up stuck in the game, so be fast.


"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

- Jack laughing.


  • According to the Toy Book, Jack can only calm his anger with candy.

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