Anna's friend
Gender male
Status deceased
Race Human
Location(s) New York Hotel

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Jack the watchman was a security guard who works at the hotel in Midtown where the game starts.

Serious and controlled, Jack is a middle-aged guard who finds himself in the New York disaster. It seems to know all the people who work at the hotel, as she recognizes Anna as soon as she sees it. Though the situation collapses around him, he understands that cracks have something abnormal, "alive". He has a remarkable sense of duty as he seeks to help both Sarah Flores , who is locked in a lift, and Edward Carnby himself , suggesting that he burns a chair to succeed in the dark.

Involvement Edit

He first appeared trying to help Sarah Flores, trapped in an elevator, but it will not be forced to flee because of the arrival of a crack. Then he suggests to Carnby to reach across a room shrouded in darkness. He would be killed by Anna, who became possessed by the crack and became a Humanz, and broke his neck.

Wii/PS2 version Edit

In the PS2 and Wii version, Jack only appear when they try to help Sarah in the elevator trumpet.

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