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Jeremy's Letter

The in-game icon for the Letter.

Type Letter
Source Antique piano in The Loft
Author Jeremy Hartwood
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

A suicide letter written by Jeremy Hartwood shortly before he hung himself.

Alone in the Dark[]

The letter is located in the secret compartment found on the side of the antique piano in the loft.

Both protagonists of the protagonists suggest how to find this document (in Emily's most explicitly). Jeremy Hartwood's last words, filled with horror, are in his letter before his suicide.

This text is from Alone in the Dark (1992).


They are coming. I have freed
hellish forces and now the price
must be paid. Derceto is the prey of
evil. The sun has set. They will
find my body but will not have my
soul. I can imagine the master's
fury and the terror in the hearts of
his slaves. I hear their footsteps.
Some may understand what I
have done. May God forgive me.
Farewell. Jeremy Hartwood.


-The Contents of the letter, albeit brief, closely follows the end of the story Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft.