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Jeremy Hartwood
Gender Male
Race Human
Location(s) Derceto Manor
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

Alone in the Dark (2008) (mentioned)

Jeremy Hartwood was the son of Howard Hartwood and uncle of Emily Hartwood. He is a professional artist and hanged himself within the loft of Derceto shortly before the events of Alone in the Dark.

Involvement Edit

Jeremy hanged himself to prevent Ezechiel Pregzt from possessing his body, claiming in a hidden letter that "they will find my body, but will not have my soul." He also was the beloved uncle of Emily Hartwood and the reason she decided to inspect Derceto. On top of that, he claimed (and probably was right) that he was the one who freed Pregzt's servants.

Background Edit

He was the son of Howard Hartwood and was greatly affected by his death. He painted for a living, his artwork being purchased by the collector Thornhill. He also did artwork for the Mystery Examiner. After the death of his father, he started to experience the same visions and dreams as him. He will soon realize Pregzt's existence, which he identifies as "the dark man", and will try to fight him off, hoping to discover a way to destroy him.

He then starts translating the books of Derceto. As he knows little Greek and Latin, he advances very slowly. In the meantime, he changes bedroom and starts sleeping much better. He then discovers the powers of the pentacle and draws the symbol, allowing him to dispel the Dark Man for a while. But Pregzt soon finds "the door" to his dreams, rendering Jeremy too weak to attempt anything.

It is after that Waites, the butler, will discover the underground caves alongside Howard's body. This causes powerful dreams to Jeremy, were he will see and explore the underground with Pregzt. He then understands that the sorcerer's goal is a new body. After that, he decides to suicide, preventing the dark man from possessing him.

Personality Edit

He seemed, as described by Emily, to enjoy playing with his young niece, proudly showing her the secret drawer from the attic piano.

It is also possible that he was religious, as he mentioned religious beliefs in two documents. He hoped God would forgive him in his suicide letter, and demanded to the reader of his diary to pray for his soul.

Trivia Edit

- Jeremy Morton's name might have been inspired from his.

- Although a lot of text written by him can be found in-game, his appearance is never shown.

- Based off Emily's intro text, it can be supposed Jeremy was aware of the existence of a secret room in the library. He also mentioned himself having discovered the powers of a pentacle. He however never took the MNAR talisman in the secret room, which could have saved him from the very beginning.

- He painted Pregzt and his tomb. The paintings themselves can be found in Derceto's gallery.

- He also is the creator of the Animated Portraits and of what seemingly is the portrait of Abdul Al-Azred.

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