Knife Skeleton image

The Knife-Skeleton was a creature which was cut from the Alone in the Dark (2008) game.

In the first version of Alone in the Dark: Inferno (Near Death Investigation ) as an enemy or a skeletal-looking boss with knives placed on the fingers had to be inserted.


It is not known what the nature of this creature was. Presumably it is a boss of the first version of the game, then was cut from the game. The monster looks like a skeleton covered with a thin layer of skin with the knife blades placed on the fingers and several quills sprouting on the body. From some primordial images you can guess that this creature was able to adhere to the walls and lowered ceilings to surprise their prey. In other images we see very similar to the tentacles of the monster chasing skin Carnby , it is therefore conceivable that it was able to generate them to fight and seize the enemy. You can see briefly in the first trailer, presumably it was one of the monsters generated by Lucifer.


  • Probably the model of this monster has been changed to get the Museum Monster.
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