Lionel Hudgens
Lionel Hudgens
Gender Male
Hair White (formerly Dark Brown)
Status Deceased
Race Human
Relations Aline Cedrac (friend)(formerly)
Actor(s) Matthew Walker
Movie(s) Alone in the Dark

Professor Lionel Hudgens was an archaeologist and the main antagonist in the Alone in the Dark film. He was played by Matthew Walker.

History Edit

Lional formerly acted as the scientific advisor to Bureau 713, known as Professor H.

Lionel previously acted as scientific advisor to the Office 713 , known as Professor H. After discovering the creatures Xenos, he began to find out about them and wanted to perform experiments with these creatures, starting work to implement a Xenos plague in the body of children from an orphanage.

Years later. Hudgens began to get some necessary pieces to open the portal of darkness where these creatures were hidden and to make himself their master. Hudgens enlists the ship of Captain Chernick in order to find and obtain a sea chest that contained one of the pieces. Despite being held up by the traitorous captain, their greed to open the chest resulted in releasing a Xeno within the chest, killing the captain and his crewmen before disappearing. After being free, he finds the artefact still in the chest.

Upon learning that Edward Carnby has the final piece, he sends his xeno-enhanced henchman, James Pinkerton to steal it, but failed. Hudgens eventually injects himself with xeno blood in order to control the Xenos. He sends them all against the special agents of the Bureau 713.

The Xenos kill all agents and Lionel fail to ambush Carnby , Richard and Aline who they survived and found their secret laboratory. Hudgens removes the piece that was missing Carnby and unites it with the other pieces and manages to open the portal of darkness but Richard acts and throws a knife in the heart and Hudgens dies instantly. To close the portal, Richard sacrifices and blows the caves, laboratories and portal with a bomb.

Trivia Edit

  • Lionel Hudgens' role in the film is based on Alan Morton, the main antagonist of The New Nightmare, who also did experiments and sought to free the creatures of darkness on Earth to rule.
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