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  • Edward Carnby - a private detective. In the first 3 games, depicted as a middle-aged PI during the late 20s/early 30s. Later games depicted him as a younger adult in the present day.
  • Emily Hartwood - a niece of Derceto's last owner: alternative protagonist to Carnby in the first game, goes on to become an actress and appears in the third game.
  • Grace Saunders - an 8-year-old daughter of the Saunders family kidnapped by One-Eyed Jack's crew.

  • Aline Cedrac - ethnology Professor at Boston University, also has an interest in Shadow Island -- she believes that her long lost father is located there.

Mentioned through seriesEdit

Jeremy Hartwood - last owner of Derceto mansion. Professional artist. Horrified by nightmares hanged himself in the loft.

Howard Hartwood - Jeremy's father. Bought Derceto's ruins in 1875. Rebuilt it as it had been before fire. Unearthed and explored its underground tunnels. Choked on his own blood.

  • Waites, the butler in Decerto, found the mysterious caves which haunted Jeremy's dreams, which was found in the basement, Jeremy was told from him that Jeremy's father choked on his own blood.
  • Dr Gray, doctor who examined Howard Hartwood when he died, at first he thought it was a heart attack.


Ezechiel Pregzt - given name Bloody Ezech. A bloodiest pirate in all seven seas. Anchored his ship Astarte near New Orleans, Florida. Made a hideout in a swamp. Was hanged in 1620 by Welsh.

Eliah Pickford - a reborn Pregzt. A loathsome adventurer, who bought land in Louisiana and built the mansion, Derceto. Died in a blazing fire in June 1862 that destroyed the house.

One-Eyed Jack - an 18th century pirate whose ship operated out of a secret cave under a cliff near Hell's Kitchen. Made a pact with Elizabeth Jarrett that granted him and his crew immortality as zombies, survived into the late 1920s as bootlegging mobsters

Elizabeth Jarret - former plantation slave who became a powerful voodoo practitioner.

Jebediah "Jed" Stone - a prospector and founder of Slaughter Gulch, Califonia. Was wandering around the Mojave desert when eventually found a sacred place called "Field of Braves" where he found golden eagle inside Indian's grave. Implied to be the offspring of Pregzt and Jarrett.

  • Alan Morton - twin brother of Obed. primary antagonist

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The New Nightmare Edit

  • Samuel Gibson - A student who helped Richard Morton to translate the Tablets found near in the corpse of The Frozen Man
  • Robert Morton (linen merchant)
  • Susan Chalmers- wife of Richard Morton and youngest daughter of Lord Chalmers
  • Jennifer Pritchett - first wife of Archibald, a pastor's daughter and renowned organist, mother of Jeremy Morton
  • Lucy Dogan - wife of Jeremy Dogan, son of Howard, and sister to Michael Dogan

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