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Living Room (2nd Floor)
The Living Room as seen in-game.
Location Derceto
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Living Room is a room on the 2nd Floor which can be accessed via the Lobby. It is a small room containing a fireplace, a small seat, a table with a Gramophone and a table with a picture of Jeremy Hartwood and his niece, Emily Hartwood. There is also a cupboard by the door which contains a Box of Cartridges. Near the far side of the fireplace is a Poker and a Box of Matches.

When traversing past the chair in the center of the room, a Ghost can faintly be seen sitting on the seat, which if left undisturbed won't attack. Unlike most of the other enemies, it won't do anything if left alone and it is best not to get too close. If the player disturbs the Ghost, it will turn into a mass of orbs and give chase, resulting in unavoidable death for the playing character.

Adjacent Rooms[]