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Gender Ending Dependent
Hair Ending Dependent
Eyes Darkened
Status Reincarnated
Race Angel
Location(s) Heaven (Originally)
Hell (Formerly)
Relations God (Creator)
Angels (Siblings)
Edward Carnby (Proper Vessel; Formerly, Ending Dependent)
Sarah Flores (Substitute Vessel; Ending Dependent)
Humanz, Dark Liquid, Vampirez, Ratz, Museum Monster, Subway Monster (Creations)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark

Lucifer is the central antagonist of 2008's Alone in the Dark. A fallen angel, Lucifer was stripped of his station in Heaven after leading a failed coup against God. As punishment, his throne was shattered and Lucifer's soul was ripped out and cast down to Earth to live as a man. Embittered and driven mad by his mortality, Lucifer collected the pieces of his throne and summoned forth all of his anger and remaining powers; creating the Philosopher's Stone both to anchor his influence into the living world as well as to corrupt its Carriers into his slaves.

Using the Stone's powers, particularly its promise of eternal life and kingly fortunes, Lucifer influenced great men over the course of history; transforming each into his slave. Under his control, they built a temple beneath Central Park to serve as a gateway to the netherworld. However, his plans were stalled when the alchemist Hermes Treismajice discovered his deception and stole the Stone, breaking it into two halves; one he kept for protection, the other he sent out into the world where it drifted from Carrier to Carrier throughout several centuries.

Eventually, Lucifer found himself in the body of Edward Carnby, a paranormal private investigator who became the Carrier of the free half of the Stone in the 1920's. During the possession, Lucifer became so accustomed to Edward that he became his perfect vessel; the True Carrier.


Brought into being as one of the finest of God's angels, Lucifer was possibly among the first of the Heavenly Host; perhaps even the first of the angels, one of the first beings in the universe. His position was so lofty that he was permitted his own throne at the Creator's side. So great was his status in Heaven, that the creation of mankind and their exhalation above the angels drove him mad with jealousy. Driven by this rage and entitlement, Lucifer orchestrated a coup with the intention of usurping the Creator to command the Earth and enslave mankind.

However, Lucifer's legions were defeated in battle. As punishment for their treachery, God stripped Lucifer and his legions of their bodies and deposed their souls; Lucifer alone was reincarnated as a human while his followers were imprisoned in the netherworld behind nine seals. Biding his time across many incarnations throughout the centuries, Lucifer searched the globe to recollect the few remaining shards of his throne. Harnessing all of his malice as well as all of his strength, Lucifer fashioned the Philosopher's Stone from these precious fragments.

Using its power to corrupt some of history's greatest men, Lucifer shaped each Carrier into his slave. Under his control, they used their resources and genius to build a temple under Central Park to access the afterlife. Lucifer intended to fully incarnate himself and his legion. Biding his time, Lucifer influenced great men to create a massive underground temple in Central Park, along with a gateway between the afterlife and the mortal world. Lucifer planned to use the stone to activate the gateway, allowing him to incarnate in the physical world and take it for himself. However, one of the carriers, Hermes Treismajice, discovered that the stone was betraying him and the wise men building the gateway.

Realizing the danger, and the fact that he, nor anyone else, was strong enough to resist Lucifer, Hermes tore the Medallion in two, and sealed himself underground with one half, to await the coming of a carrier strong enough to fight Lucifer. The other half of the Medallion was passed from carrier to carrier throughout the years until it came into the hands of Edward Carnby in the 1920's. After Carnby came into possession of the stone, Lucifer possessed him, traveling the world in search of the other half of the medallion, and in the process, stopping Carnby from aging and came to the realization that Carnby was his "most perfect puppet"; a vessel ideally suitable for harnessing his essence and manifesting his full power on Earth, effectively making Edward the Antichrist.

Alone in the Dark[]

Sometime in the 21st Century, Carnby and the Medallion caught the attention of the occultist Crowley, who desired the stone and its powers for himself. Kidnapping Carnby and his former student, Theophile Paddington, he forced Paddington to exorcise Lucifer's consciousness from Carnby's body, so as to purge the medallion's influence. The process worked, but allowed Lucifer's power to directly influence the mortal world by releasing demons and possessing both humans and animals to do his bidding. However, he needed both halves of the medallion to fully incarnate, leading him to search for Carnby and his half of the medallion.

Eventually, Carnby found Hermes. The two joined the medallion, which activated the portal, allowing Lucifer to come through to the mortal world. Hermes and Carnby expected to fight Lucifer, but were caught by surprise when the medallion began to draw Lucifer's soul into Edward's body. Wishing to save him, Sarah took the medallion from him; leaving Edward with a choice - kill her and become possessed once again, or let her live and become possessed instead.


Lucifer announces himself.

  • If Edward doesn't kill Sarah, he will put his gun away and hold her in his arms, while embracing each other, Sarah asks Edward to kill him, he turns his back to the possessed Sarah, who asks him "how it feels to be so alone", to which he replies: "I'm used to it." Edward walks away and what happens is unknown.
  • If Edward chooses to kill Sarah, she will fall to her death in the chasm. Despondent with remorse, Edward is possessed by Lucifer and falls to his knees. Hermes condemns Edward's choice saying, "The last free act of man was murder." Lucifer rises to his feet and responds, "So was his first 'free act.'" Hermes condemns Edward's inhumanity, to which Lucifer merely levitates him into the gateway to the spirit world proclaiming proudly, "I'm the Light Bringer! I'm the fucking universe!" Hermes warns him that humanity will stand against him, to which Lucifer responds, "Did you think I'd come alone?"

Regardless of Edward's choice, Lucifer finally incarnates in human form, ready to fully unleash his wrath upon the world and humanity.



After being released from the medallion, Lucifer works to find the stone and use it to incarnate himself completely into a proper human host - a "perfect puppet." To this end, he unleashes his demonic force upon New York city, including giant, active fissures, monstrous bats, evil black liquid, and possessed humans.


Once the proudest of Heaven's archangels, Lucifer's exemplary power and wisdom above that of his brethren fashioned him into a conceited and entitled being; blinded by his grandeur and spoiled by his eminence to the Most High. So great was his vanity that he saw himself as a god.

With the coming of mankind and their exultation above even him, Lucifer was irate with jealousy as he was forced to realize his own limitations as a created being - answerable to the decree of God. Refusing to accept this, Lucifer instigated the war against God and His creations.

Lucifer is cruel and merciless, killing and corrupting several living beings without any sign of remorse. He is also extremely smug and arrogant, taking pleasure to mock and taunt Edward, his most perfect puppet, every time he meets him. He is never show to talk with other humans, implying he considers just Edward, and Hermes in the bad ending, the only two men worth of his attention, as the possessors of the Philosopher's Stone. While he never shows fear or concern, as he can't be hurt directly in anyway, he still becomes more and more impatient and furious as Edward continues to oppose and avoid his guests, losing of sign of, even false, sign of affabliy and stopping to try to reach a deal with him, instead threatening the detective more and more aggressively.


  • "She's one of my hosts now, as you once were. You, my most perfect puppet."
  • "I taste your many questions."
  • "Join more more only have to die!"
  • "It matters not that you are unable to recall your sins. For you, there will be no mercy."
  • "So you assume responsibility for the blood you have shed? Well?"
  • "What will you do now? Kill me?"
  • "How does it feel, to be so alone?"
  • "So was his first 'free act.'"
  • "I'm the Light Bringer! I'm the fucking universe!"
  • "Did you think I'd come alone?"
  • "You're burning my Puppets like a child playing with ants, but burn this and it'll be like burning your own soul. Now getting hurt is what you want, i can help." (PS3 Exclusive Quote)


  • Lucifer is addressed as both the Morning Star and the Son of the Morning in the Bible. He is also called the Serpent of the Garden of Eden, the Dragon of Revelations, and the Adversary of Christ. In Alone in the Dark, Lucifer is addressed by his etymological title; Light Bringer.
  • In addition to his namesake as Light Bringer, Lucifer is also addressed in-game as the Betrayer and the Beast. The former alludes to his background as the angel who betrayed the Creator while the latter is likely a reference to his calling as the Beast in the Book of Revelations.
  • Lucifer's plan to reincarnate himself and his legions doesn't look to have some consequences in Alone in the Dark: Illumination, despite he appearently realizes it in both endings. It's unknown if has any bond with Cthulhu and the Old Ones. Nevertheless, he is the only antagonist in Alone in the Dark video games who is not defeated.
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