Lucy Dogon Morton
Lucy Morton
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Race Human

Lucy Morton was the wife of Howard Morton and mother of Obed and Alan Morton. She was encountered in her room at the Morton Manor at the beginning of Aline Cedrac's storyline and later in Edward Carnby's storyline.


She is extremely worried about Obed Morton, wanting Aline to take him away with her. Aline Cedrac believes the old woman was hearing imaginary voice, believing to belong to her husband, Howard.

Sometime when she had her two children, she had an accident with a horse she was riding on (which was actually caused by a shadow creature).

Despite being blind, she has a canny sense of hearing. Noting that she does not recongise the sound of new steps, as noted when Aline was walking into the room through the window. Although, she genuinely cares about Obed, she does not feel the same for his brother, Alan, who she calls a "horrid beast" who she no longer considers as her son.


She is first seen in the beginning of Aline's story, when Aline enters the old woman's room after the plane crash. She meets her again, the elderly woman aware that the young girl spoke to the ghost behind the mirror, telling her not to trust him. Later when Edward enters her room, the woman starts to speak about a man, when Edward asks her if that man is Charles Fiske, she starts to speak how she will die. After that Edward leaves her room.

At the end of the game, when the Shadow Island was destroyed, it is presumed that Lucy is dead since she had remained in bed in the mansion.

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Lucy Morton appears as a frail and elderly woman, whose mind is dominated by nothing but sadness and desperation. She is also slightly mental unstable, as she can be calm and even friendly towards her guests, and then becomes irritated or hysterical in mere seconds. Despite this, she is not really nasty or evil, just hardly proved by her hard life and conditions. Even thought she has some contrasts with Aline and Carnby, she tries to help and advice them at best she can, despite she can't believe Carnby's assessment he has come to help her.

Lucy shows to deeply love and care for Obed, despite considering him a naive man, and it's strongly implied she loved her husband Howard as well, even being in denial he is dead and asking for him from her bed. By contrast, she shows no attachment towards Alan, considering him a horrid beast, the cause of Morton's dark secret, and not her son anymore. She also deeply despises Shadow Island, considering it a cursed location, and begging Carby to burn the Manor's library so the flames can purify the place, not caring for her safety, shouting angrily she is just dead.


  • Who are you!? I do not recognise the sound of your steps...
  • I know you met the ghost (Judas de Certo) behind the mirror... All those who make it to this accursed island meet him. Beware of his promises.


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