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Gender N/A
Hair None
Race Creatures of Darkness
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Luxrat art as seen in the Prima Guide

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Luxrats are a subspecies of the Creatures of Darkness. they resemble small hairless rats and usually attack in a swarm. On their own, they are weak and not too much of a threat.


Luxrats—although small and annoying—should be feared as much as a brush with death. For just as the chirrup of the whippoorwill is a portent of doom, the Luxrat’s appearance often foreshadows the arrival of a much more powerful monster. These scurrying devils, with their characteristic darting about the path, are usually the bearers of cursed tidings. Whether accompanying larger beasts or leading a hapless investigator into a struggle against powerful supernatural foes, the Luxrat is a mischievous denizen of the dark.


Often encountered in groups of three or more (six isn’t uncommon), these creatures are lively, constantly moving forward to engage an enemy in combat, or avoiding them entirely, only to return and strike from behind. Luxrats look like large hairless rodents with segmented bodies and sharp incisors. Their bite inflicts only light damage, and they are easily avoided or eliminated.

Luxrats travel more or less in a straight line. With a move to the left or right, you can avoid this scurrying fiend, or at the very least turn around and take your time aiming at the incoming rodent. However, be aware of where the other Luxrats are before you take up a defensive position. Sometimes it’s best to simply avoid Luxrats.

Failure to stop a Luxrat charge ends with the beast clamping its teeth around your foot and hanging on. The pain this causes is less of a threat than the swarm of Luxrats that may be homing in on you while you are prone. You automatically shake your foot and stomp on the Luxrat to send it flying backward. Use a well-placed Shotgun round to send it back to the netherworld.

The arcane power of the Lightning Gun is an exceptional way to rid yourself of an entire pack of Luxrats—simply aim and fire at the horde when two or more creatures are at mid- to close range. The Lightning Gun hits all of the Luxrats in the general vicinity and uses no more energy than a regular shot aimed at a single foe. This is the optimum way to rid yourself of a Luxrat infestation.


  • Their design in the full game is very different than the promotional images released and reminiscent of the chestburster, creatures appeared in the Alien movie saga.
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