Obed Morton's notebook
Obed Mortons notes
Author Obed Morton
Game(s) Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare
Obed Mortons notes

Obed Morton's notes are one of the documents that Edward Carnby and Aline Cedrac recover in Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.

The New Nightmare Edit

Obed's notes can be found in his office on the ground floor of the Morton Manor. They contain some disordered reflections on Obed's translation work on the engravings of the Abkanis Indians and on the discoveries his brother Alan is making about the World of Darkness. The document refers to the gate that separates the creatures of darkness from the rest of the world and to the ritual that must be performed to open it. Indian Sources are also cited, particularly their extraordinary healing properties.

Transcription Edit

Inscription Edit

I am nearing our goal!

Ewni Dar Akam El Drosti

Alan is so impatient! What
passion and what madness!

Otar den tyren ol bagden

Clarity must sometimes live in
darkness, for from darkness light
may spring.

Hyntor wotengar el dryu

It appears that the ritual must
take place upon a price date.

Inheritors / guardians - rituals -
gate - danger

I never cease to be amazed by the
richness of this language. I pity
those fools who could only look
on me and mock. Where do these
transcriptions of Grandpa Jeremy
come from? Where did he find
the inscriptions? Why did he
never take me into his

Alan has come up with an
incredible theory. I must find
out of it's true!

Water from a deep source revives
the man who thinks he's dead...

Alan was right, again. I know he
will always be better than me...

As the text takes shape, it's
revelations become more

"Beyond this threshold the sun
has never shone. he who has
crossed it has never returned.
This gate was built by man from
firestone, so that the shadows
would always dwell in night.
Man sealed this gate with his
blood, as the gods did order him.
Man has not conquered the
shadow. The gate brings no
victory; it merely chokes the
flow. A curse on he who opens it
once more."

My god! what are we doing?

The last Witchdoctor will
destroy the World of Darkness.

May humanity forgive us!

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