Office (Town Hall)
Town Hall-Office-back
Location Town Hall
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

The Town Hall Office was a room on the ground floor of the Slaughter Gulch Town Hall. It can be accessed via the building's foyer. It is in this room that Morrison is encountered.

Strategy Edit

The doors to the office start locked. To open them, the player must use the Ziegler Watch.

As soon as Carnby enters, Morisson will knock him out, thinking he's undead. He will then realise his error and hand him a story board.

If the top hat is used on Jed's statue, it will reveal two boxes of cartridges.

Picking up the story-board will cause Morisson to go to the door and shoot ennemies. The player should run to be facing the curtain, and equip his Winchester, as a few moments later, a zombie will appear to pull out the curtain, revealing Pregzt's Symbol. It will then attack Morisson and kill him. Shoot the glass to destroy it, allowing you to move freely, then fight Morisson's murderer before he kills you. Once that is done, you can jump out of the window to reach the Graveyard.

Adjacent RoomsEdit


- Box of Cartridges(2x)

- Story-Board


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