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Old Cavalry Sabre
An old Calvary Sabre as it appears in-game.
Effects Activates the secret passage in Jeremy's Study.
Source Study (3rd Floor)
Game(s) Alone in the Dark (1992)

The Old Cavalry Sabre is an object found in a locked chest in the Study on the 3rd Floor of Derceto. The key to this chest is found in desk located in the same room. Placing the Old Cavalry Sabre into the coat of arms in Jeremy's Study will trigger the desk in the middle of that room to slide over, revealing the secret entrance to the Underground Bridge and remaining underground sections.


  • After about 5 hits, the sabre will break, splitting in two.
  • The sabre is a crucial item for later on. So remember to keep it. If you broke it, keep both parts.

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