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One-Eyed Jack
Alone2 OneEyedJack5.png
Gender Male
Hair Light brown (in-game)
Dark brown (cutscenes)
Eyes Dark brown
Status Immortal
Race Caucasian
Location(s) Hell's Kitchen, California
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 2
Alone in the Dark 3 (mentioned)
Alone in the Dark (2008) (mentioned)

One-Eyed Jack was the name of the undead pirate captain of the Flying Dutchman, and primary antagonist in Alone in the Dark 2. He is also the lover of Elizabeth Jarret.


Early history[]

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A feared pirate, he was summoned by Elizabeth Jarret to free her from her imprisonment aboard the Flying Dutchman. In return, she imbued One-Eyed Jack and crew with the power of immortality. He is obsessed with gambling and death.

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  • To be continued...


One-Eye Jack is the main antagonist and leader of the undead pirates in Alone in the Dark II. Legend has it that only the sword of the Flying Dutchman's former captain can end One-Eyed Jack's life, which was cursed in his name. The sword can be located in the center of the main deck.

After his defeat, Carnby and Grace exit to the rowing boat to escape. One Eyed Jack, with his final breath, aims and fires the ship's cannons at the boat in an attempt to kill them. This causes the cave to begin collapsing into the ocean, giving them a path to escape. As Carnby rows out of the cliff's face, both the cave and the mansion crumble into the sea, ending the game.


He is fought near the end of the game, aboard the Flying Dutchman's main deck, where he weilds dual swords. He is a capable opponent who frequently blocks. The best strategy against him is to wait for him to taunt (either by laughing or crossing his swords together). As a last ditch attempt to kill the player after his supposed defeat, he feigns his death and instantly comes up to attack.

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  • "I was waiting for you Carnby, but listen."
  • "By the horn of Beelzebub, the Flying Dutchman was calling me. It was like honey to a bee."


There is a replica Jack in the Box modeled after him in the promotional game, Jack In The Dark.

Like most characters, he was given texture-mapping in the 1996 ports of Alone in the Dark II, rather than the flat shaded look of the original game.

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